Asteroids are in many ways the life blood of new and middle class players and indeed until players have the capabilities to raid others for resources. Asteroids can be found anywhere in the universe and you can see them on the starsystem map as they are three rocks with the word "Asteroiden" underneath. You can learn how to mine and benefit from Asteroids at the Wining and Mining guide. There are only around 2000 asteroids in the universe all the time, and when one is mined empty then another will respawn in a completely random location.

Mining Asteroids within your first 30 days of the game (noob protection) is an essential part of the game to gain resources for building, ships and establishing colonies. After your noob protection is gone you shouldnt really need to mine. While they are a very nice boost in resource your ships are vunerable to attack and by this point in the game you should have been more or less self-sustaining.

As only one fleet can mine an asteroid at a time... there is a move used by some players of the game know as an "Aidan". To perform this move you sit your fleet at the asteroid and hit the collect button every 2 minutes or so until you get the collet screen. When you get the collect screen you have successfully pulled and "Aidan". This move first came into focus when the player Aidan665 was complaining that he was always being beaten to asteroids so he began to just sit there and hit the collect button as so we named it after him ^^.

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