Ground Battle

The main objective of the barracks is to train and accommodate our troops. Thanks to our experienced trainers, which bring along more than combat experience, we can use our troops to prepare for all possible situations - whether it will be defensive operations, coordinated strikes or "relieving" enemies of their resources.

Requirments- Space Hunter, Improved System of Government, Research Facility level 2

Gains- Allows you to build the barracks and train ground troops for the defense of your planet


Cost of maintaining troops

By the development of the barracks maintenance costs of troops are reduced. With maintenance costs the sum of all barracks is considered. Maintenance costs can be affected by the political adjustment Conscript Army and Professional Army.

The following costs arise for the maintenance of 100,000 troops

  • Stage 1: 2,060 Credits/Day
  • Stage 10: 1,700 Credits/Day
  • Stage 20: 1,300 Credits/Day
  • Stage 30: 900 Credits/Day
  • Stage 40: 500 Credits/Day
  • Stage 50: 100 Credits/Day

Cost of Troops

  • Company (250 Soldiers) = 500 Credits
  • Battalion (1,200 Soldiers) = 2,400 Credits
  • Regiment (2,000 Soldiers) = 4,000 Credits
  • Brigade (4,200 Soldiers) = 8,400 Credits
  • Division (20,500 Soldiers) = 41,000 Credits
  • Corps (80,000 Soldiers) = 160,000 Credits
  • Army (100,000 Soldiers) = 200,000 Credits

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