Game Rules

001 Rules of the Game and User Rules

001 A Behave yourself, be friendly and don't insult others, respect other players. We are not responsible for any vulgar or offensive language, or anything that may offend anyone in general.
001 B The Instructions from an Administrator and Moderator are to be followed at all times.
001 C Bugs and errors in the system or problems are to be reported immediately . Should you refrain from doing so, Rules K and L apply immediately.
001 F It is necessary to obey the chat etiquette - this is to be followed at all times.
001 G You are not allowed to criticize other players (in chat rooms, private messages or whispers), they all use the mechanism of the game. You are alos not allowed to criticise the game. Should such offence be reported against you, rules K and L come into force
001 H Updates and Rules can and will be announced in the Forum at anytime without prior warning. You as the user have the responsibility to watch forum posts in order to keep yourself informed.
001 I New character rules in the Forum, introduced by the Administrators, are binding and final, again, in the form described in the Rules and Regulations.
001 J Moderators have the irreparable right,to gag/mute or to ban you from the game without any warning and without any previous information for reasons.
001 K The Owner/Licensee for the game has the irrevocable right, to block or disable your account without any warning or any statement from them as to the reasons why your account has been blocked or disabled.
001 L If an Account is gagged, removed, locked or cancelled , there is no claim for any refund of the purchased game currency or to your Premium account.

002 Special Rules

002 A 01 Account-Sharing:

Account sharing is not allowed . Your Account is only intended for one player.

002 A 02 Account sitting:

Account sitting is not allowed.

Accounts which are inactive will be automatically reset after a period of 4 weeks (not cancelled- the Looki-Account remains open). If you are unable to play for 4 weeks, please report this to the support to prevent a reset.

Offences against these arrangements will be treated as for a multiple account.

002 A 03 Multiple accounts:

Each player is only allowed to own 1 account at any one time. Multiple accounts will be blocked. Accounts, which are just used for building up other accounts, whether active or not, come also under that Rule. If there are more players under the same IP address (for example: schools, hostels, families), evidence is to be submitted, that these accounts were used by more persons than one. In particular similarities to the IP are to avoid. Furthermore it is forbidden to access or match fix through a foreign account.

002 A 04 Account swaps:

An Account belongs always the owner of the respective e-mail address. Accounts are not allowed to be swapped.

002 B Bug-using:

Using of errors in programming to your own advantage, is called Bug-using, and is not permitted. Each player is obliged to recognize bugs immediately and notify them by EMAIL to: or via the report feature on the homepage link. Anybody's account that makes use of bugs in order to provide an advantage, will be closed. The same applies to non-advice of bugs. Any other form of bug reporting, in particular via chat, cannot be corrected and worked on and will be ignored.

002 C Changes in the game technique and Game Play:

Arrangements, that cause excessive traffic or are able to corrupt the game play, are not permitted. Forbidden are particularly automatic or semi-automatic scripts, which make special requests to the data base to achieve other game mechanics. An offence against it will lead to the immediate exclusion from the game. A refund for the caused damage plus an administration charge will be made. Therefore we will close every account, which has massive and purposely offended against the game play itself.

002 D Blackmailing, threatening and damage to reputation:

Blackmailing and threatening, also damage to reputation, which extends into real life, can lead to an exclusion from the game and forum, depending on the seriousness of the insult. Should blackmailing attempts or a threat be made against the video game developer, no matter how or in what form,(for example. via e-mail, forum, chat, private message), Crafty Studios reserve the right to take legal action as necessary. Our focus is to limit damage to reputation: Should a player traceable use offensive language during a game or about the game, via the community (Chat, PM, E-Mail, Forum) Crafty Studios will exclude that player, and take legal action as necessary.

002 E Pushing:

Definition/Illegal: pushing means, Another account " playing on the top". It is in principle accepted that we deal with this like we would with a multiple-account.

002 F Exclusion/Sanctions:

Sanctions, which were executed against a player via the administrators or the moderators, are only overridden by another administrator or moderator if the initial administrator or moderator gives their permission and confirmation why they had carried out the measure in the first place. The management of Crafty studio reserve the right to retract such actions without consultation of a administrator or moderator.

002 G Refund:
002 G 01 There will be no refund for errors of programming nor will the players position be re-instated to that pertaining before the bug had any effect(personal backup). Excluded is the payin currency Ikolium.
002 G 02 If a player attempts to avoid an existing decision by an administrator or moderator, for example if the player attempts to entrust a responsible administrator or moderator with the same case, then this leads to the play exclusion (exception: Complaints to moderators about an administrator).
002 H Exclusion from the game:

Each offence against these rules can lead to the exclusion from the play. Depending upon the seriousness of it this can be expanded by the administrators since all offers are made by looki. A play exclusion can be imposed also with appropriate behaviour in the forum or chat, as well as following reasons already described. The team commits itself to pursue each case of a rule offence after publication and having all knowledge and facts. Renewed registration is forbidden and will be as seen as a multiple-account. An exclusion (barrier) is valid for the person, not the account. An exclusion means a virtual house prohibition.

002 I Legal Consequences:

With the acceptance of the terms and the conditions/rules of this game, we exclude any liability. A given, virtual house prohibition is just as valid in law as a material house prohibition. The developer/operator reserves the right to charge this - if necessary also to proceed legally - at the expense of the causer.

002 J Under Age :

Under age persons are allowed to register providing they have the ability to understand and to follow these terms, but they need parental consent. In the case of parental consent allowing the use of that registration, it is the players liability that they are in charge to take the consequences of their action if there is an abuse of the online offer. The parental consent requires the supervision and makes them aware, that the game developer and publisher cannot be held legally responsible for the topic’s conversations via chat. The independent parental supervision is therefore necessary. An under aged person, who illegally obtains access to the provider by fraud will be held liable under tort law for his or her action and any damages caused.

002 K Terms of Business:

Players who cannot agree to the terms of business because of their federal state laws or for other reasons not listed, we will use the terms of business of the game itself. Through this there will not be any legal obligation for the player with regards to the trading terms; however it is possible to have the same evaluation of facts for all players.

002 L To take advantage of Game mechanics (Exploits):

To take advantage of exploits is strictly forbidden. This contains for example dropping resources or troops over a newcomer’s planet, to get it all safe from raiding by other players, with help from the Noob protection and Bashing protection to protect him from raiding and making him untouchable. This includes also the use of a planet as a "bunker" planet. We will deduct the resources found on this planet, also the deliverer gets punished or even blocked if he still carries on and drops resources on newby planet or a "bunker" planet, to take advantage of the not raidable resources.

003 Basic Terms

003 A Protection of the own Account:

Each user is responsible for his access data; he has to ensure its safety and excludes it from use by another way. The operator doesn’t take liability on any damage caused or loss suffered by the mis-use of data. Due to possible risks, all known and future temporary mail addresses are blocked. However should a mail address be used to create that account, the developer/operator will block the account and the email address with all its consequences.

003 B Reports

Each user is required to report any abuse by other users. A denial report can cause a block of the game.