It is finished! Once again our impulse technology has become a lot better, and is now ready for use. The Impulse 3 Accelerator is a new target for the development of technology! The cooling system has been strengthened. The design was optimized based on the findings in the latest development once again. The result is a really powerful machine that is hard to beat.

Requirements- Impluse-2, Titan

Information                                                                                Costs

Cells: 12 (FS), 24 (CS)                                                                 Titanium: 500

Impluse: 2500                                                                              Copper: 700

Consumption: 2.1                                                                         Iron: 3010

Construction Time: 01:56:40                                                          Aluminium: 750

                                                                                                   Mercury: 0

                                                                                                   Silicon: 0

                                                                                                   Uranium: 2000

                                                                                                   Krypton: 0

                                                                                                   Nitrogen: 900

                                                                                                   Hydrogen: 600

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