Mining Laser MKWega


Mining Laser MKWega

Construction Time: 02:05:00

Specification: +4500 Cargo, +3 Asteroid Quarrying

Racial Bonus: -1 Cell

Resource Cost: 7500 Titanium, 4500 Copper, 7500 Iron, 750 Aluminium, 750 Silicone, 750 Uranium, 750 Krypton

Cell Useage: 6 (FS), 6 (CS)




Construction Time: 02:00:00

Specification: +40 Attack (Projectile), +55 (Aiming)

Racial Bonus: +5 Aiming

Resource Cost: 9876 Titanium, 500 Aluminium, 5000 Silicon, 4000 Nitrogen

Cell Useage: 6(FS), 11(CS)

Hydra Blaster W

Weapon blaster hydra

Hydra Blaster W

Construction Time: 01:23:20

Specification: +65 Attack (Projectile), +55 (Aiming)

Racial Bonus: +5 Aiming

Resource Cost: 3000 Titanium, 1000 Copper, 500 Aluminium, 750 Mercury, 1500 Silicon

Cell Useage: 6(FS), 12(CS)

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