Hello to all players of Empire Universe 2

Well it has been a very very very long time coming but i have finally editing the wiki embracing the changes made by Wikia.

There is a new menu bar!!1111!!!!

So let me explain the new way of getting around eu2opia.

All pages on the site are now divided into four different sections: Info, Guides and Help, Technology and Cost of Construction.

If you hover over one of the four titles above there will be a drop down menu which will show pages related to that section.

For Example, if you hovered over the Technology section and then clicked Engine Tech you will be taken to what I like to call a "Hub Page" on that page will be links to all the pages that are associated with Engine technology.

Along with the new site navigation, I plan on updating the Technology Tree so that instead of each individual piece of tech having its own page I plan on grouping all technology of the same type together on one page.

Also around 60 pages on the wiki have been deleted, mostly they were Empire pages. This was just some cleaning up as they were old, very old in some cases and I felt that they werent critical to the wiki itself.

I hope you enjoy being able to nagivate around the wiki with ease :D